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  1. Definitions. Parties. A consumer within the meaning of § 13, item 1 of the Additional Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act may be only a natural person. These General Warranty Terms do not regulate and do not apply in the relationship between PROBIOACTION and customers – legal entities.
  2. Upon sale of goods to a Consumer, PROBIOACTION acts as a Merchant within the meaning of § 13, item 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, with all ensuing obligations.
  3. PROBIOACTION is responsible for the lack of conformity of the consumer goods, according to the rights of the Consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase of the goods, which lack is certified by a proper receipt..
  4. The right of claim of the User includes:
  • Request to PROBIOACTION to repair the goods, bringing it in condition with the commercial requirements;
  • When repair according to the previous text is not possible, the User requests PROBIOACTION to replace the product.
  1. The right of claim can NOT be exercised without the receipt of the goods, subject of the claim, provided by the User at the time of the claim, from which the receipt of the trader, the date of purchase and the name of the goods are visible..
  • The right of claim can NOT be exercised if the User fails to provide the goods in its entirety..
  1. The right of claim can be exercised at the PROBIOACTION store from which the product was purchased..
  2. After the complaint is made by the User (orally or in writing) within the term under item 2 above, PROBIOACTION enters it in the register of complaints and gives the User an incoming number. PROBIOACTION reserves the right to assess the complaint.
  3. After registration PROBIOACTION has a 30-day period in which to replace the product with a new one or to repair it at the expense of “Yulina 2017”.
  4. If it turns out that none of the two alternatives listed in item 3 above is possible, then the User has the right:
  • to get back the amount paid for the goods;
  • at a discount from the price when choosing another, more expensive product.
  1. The consumer cannot claim a refund of the amount paid or a deduction from the price of another, more expensive product, when PROBIOACTION agrees to replace the consumer product with a new one or to repair the product within one month of filing the complaint..
  2. The right of claim can NOT be exercised by the User and PROBIOACTION is not responsible for warranty repair or replacement in case of defect of the goods due to:
  • coming into contact with chemicals such as perfume, body lotion, creams, hairspray, detergents, fabric softeners, alcohol-based solutions, whitening, cleansing, etc. preparations that are not intended to work with the purchased goods;
  • mechanical impact – impact, fall, tearing, each of which can cause injury, breakage, absence or scratching of the goods.
  • absence / loss of a main element of the goods or mechanical interruption of soldering of elements, which will lead to impossibility to repair the defect.
  1. PROBIOACTION agrees to carry out at its discretion and if possible replacement of goods with another within one calendar month of purchase, if for some reason it turns out that the product selected by the User is not properly selected. In this case the User does not owe any explanations. The exchange is carried out in each of the commercial sites of the trader on the territory of the country.
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