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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

1. Why would I want beneficial bacteria in my home?

Many people may be worried about injecting live microorganisms into their home, and this is completely understandable. The truth is that everything around us, no matter how thoroughly we clean, is full of different types of bacteria. Some of them are harmless, but there are some that can harm our health. The more we try to destroy them with the classic cleaning preparations, the more resistant and numerous they become. The solution is to increase the number of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria compared to harmful (pathogenic) bacteria instead of killing all bacteria. These good bacteria work very effectively. Since they themselves are microorganisms, they know exactly how to compete with harmful bacteria and pathogenic biofilms can be prevented. Beneficial bacteria do not destroy harmful ones, but are faster during nutrition and thus reduce the population of bad bacteria. In this way, pathogenic bacteria will be prevented from taking over and causing damage to humans, animals and nature.

* Biofilm (complex structure of different types of microorganisms, protected with a polymer layer resistant to antibiotics and disinfectants)

2. Do probiotics affect viruses, in particular COVID-19?

We cannot say for sure that by creating a healthy microclimate, probiotic bacteria destroy and successfully fight viruses. We have not conducted research on the behavior of our products in this direction. But there are various publications that prove the virocidal action of probiotic bacteria of the genus Bacillus, which we use in Perilis Probiotic Premium.

3. What is the difference between probiotic sprays and standard air fresheners?

Air fresheners usually use perfume compositions, with the so-called “Heavy molecules” that suppress unpleasant odors without breaking them down. Often they fail to dominate other odors and the opposite effect occurs. In addition, most perfume compositions contain large amounts of allergens that can have an adverse effect on humans and pets. Probiotic products eliminate unpleasant odors in a natural way. They destruct the hydrocarbon chains in the odor molecule and thus break it down and remove it. Probiotic bacteria are 100% natural, safe and indispensable for our health.

4. Should I store the bottles in a refrigerator?

No, just keep them out of direct sunlight and from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

5. Are probiotic products disinfectants?

No, the products do not have a direct biocidal effect on other bacteria. As such, they will not lead to resistance among pathogenic microorganisms. They minimize the number of harmful bacteria indoors on the principle of competitive nutrition.

6. Should I continue to clean with traditional cleaning preparations if I use probiotic products?

No, the best results with probiotic products are obtained when chemicals and disinfectants are not being used.

7. Are probiotic products safe for humans, are protective clothing and gloves recommended?

Due to their biological nature, all products are completely safe for inhalation and skin contact, environmentally friendly and harmless. No protective clothing is required and contact with bare skin will not have a negative effect. Further information on the safety aspects of our products can be found in the MSDS files of each product.

8. What are the similarities and differences between Perilis Probiotic Premium products?

In all Perilis Probiotic Premium products we use 4 strains of beneficial bacteria, called CONSORTIUM CS4, but in different concentrations and with different additives in order to achieve the best effect according to the purpose of the product.

For example, in Room Probiotic Premium we have deodorizing ingredients, which in combination with the CS4 CONSORTIUM act synergistically in the decomposition of odors.

In Pet Probiotic Premium, we use a combination of enzymes and bacteria to get an instant effect.

In Shoes Probiotic Premium we use higher concentrations of bacteria for total and fast effect.

In Surface Probiotic Premium we have surfactants (foaming agents) that support the cleansing action from the bacteria.

9. Is it possible for allergies to appear from the perfume compositions used in Perilis Probiotic Premium products?

No. These products use perfume compositions with a proven hypoallergenic effect, ie. non-allergenic. They do not irritate people and pets.

10. How long can Perilis Probiotic Premium probiotic products be used?

With proper storage, in the temperature range of 5 to 35°C and no exposure to direct sunlight, they are active for at least 2 years from the date of manufacture.

11. Are CS4 CONSORTIUM bacteria compatible with bacteria used to clean septic tanks?

Yes! It is even recommended that if you have treatment facilities with a biological stage, to use Perilis Probiotic Premium and other accompanying probiotic cleaning products of Perilis, so as not to destroy the bacteria that treat wastewater and increase the effect of their activity..

12. How often can we use probiotic products?

There is no limit, you can use them daily, even several times a day. The bacteria are in the form of spores in the package. When they leave the package in the environment, they find food, grow for two days, work actively for four days and presumably die on the seventh. So to maintain a constant healthy microclimate for a maximum of 5 days you need to add new colonies of beneficial bacteria.

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